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Hello everyone, I'll start by introducing myself...I'm Rose Carnegie, I am 26yrs old and am based in Tunbridge Kent! I am a qualified human and equine Osteopath and also a 4* event rider, its safe to say life is pretty hectic!! I work at various locations across Kent and also in Covent Garden, London. Now you know a bit about me I'll introduce you to my lovely horses....the first is my pride and joy, LANDINE, I have had her since she was 7 yrs old and she is now 13yrs old. I produced her through the grades and in 2015 we successfully completed our first 4* at Badminton together. Im lucky enough to have another advanced horse MASTER RORY. I rode Rory for an owner before buying him myself and

New Website!

Welcome to EquusPhotos new website! isn’t it pretty?! Thanks so much to Olivia Robertson for helping to create it.. So winter means fluffy muddy ponies and rain, lots of it…so some see it as the worst possible time of year for a photoshoot, but I promise you its not! Not only do my prices go down in winter but there is just something so beautiful about autumn leaves on the floor and a colourful sky that help give another dimension to your photos. A clipped horse looks so stylish in photos too, although I advice leaving it a week or two after a new clip so it has time to blend in to the horses coat….Whilst there is always the chance of rain no matter what the news says, i keep an eye on the w

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