"Shall we reschedule its cloudy..."

When I go through my diary with clients trying to find a date that suits us both, the thing I hear most often is "Oh its meant to be a bit cloudy, shall we reschedule?" and my answer is, unless you really want to reschedule, then no, cloud is great news for me!! People always want an early August, mid day shoot, which is great but slots fill up fast and I am here to tell you why its not necessarily the best time for a shoot anyways! Im here to tell you I LOVE CLOUD! Im not talking torrential rain and black clouds, like my shoot with Claire at Brightling 1* 2015...(I managed to snap this through the rain in a flash of blue sky, then the editing magic happened to make the tiny bit of blue colo

Long time no blog...

Sorry everyone, long time no blog! Teamequusphoto is completely falling apart haha, poor Sasha injured herself Skiing over winter and is still waiting for her ACL Surgery, whilst Rose broke her leg schooling James over some XC fences at Tweseldown! This means Master Rory and Brother James have both gone of to another rider till Rose is all healed and the babies are having a holiday with a friend, the yard is very quiet without them all but Landi and Maxi are enjoying their romantic time together! Claire Drey Brown however has been on top form with Pheobus and Sandy, Phoebe qualified for BD Regionals at Novice and Elementary, which unfortunately didn't go very well for them but I'm so proud

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