Do's & Don't's of Sponsorship

Hi guys, as someone who gets messages about sponsorship on a regular, if not daily, basis I thought I would put my thoughts down in a little blog post. So here we go, the Do's and Don't's of applying to be, or being, a sponsored rider. DO know what the company actually do, emailing a photographer asking for free products to trial on your horse isn't going to go well And to follow on from that DO NOT just ask for free things! Sponsorship is a two way street its not just a company giving you free things and that being the end of it. DO NOT send a generic email/message to EVERYONE, I promise you companies can tell, it makes it seem like you don't care about the company, DO mention products of t

Affordable Business Photoshoots

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce to you all my business packages! As mentioned in a previous blog, Business photos are sooooo important, and they can be utilised by business' that sell products and also companies who themselves are the product and service. To help companies with all budgets I have a variety of package options, each photo comes with the appropriate copyright to allow for business usage which my personal/private shoots do not, a blog to my 8.5K social media following, and support for how to best utilise your images on your website, on social media, and on marketing material to spread the word! Not sure what images will best help your company? I am just a mess

Copyright: What, Why & When?

Last week Dorset Photo event had an issue with a 'big' rider using watermarked issues all over their Facebook page, the riders response was 'everyone does it lol' and unfortunately a lot of people do do it but that in no way makes it right! I am currently facing an issue with a company over some work I did for them (if you are reading this no you can't try and sue me for writing this!) where they are trying to take me to court for complaining about them removing my logo ( apparently I have ruined their company name)! However THEY are the ones committing an offence by breaching copyright laws.... So I thought now would be a good time to remind everyone of what the law on copyright really is.

Black Background Shoots

Last night I launched my new shoot package....Black Backgrounds by EquusPhoto This is a package totally dedicated to my clients favourite type of photo...BLACK BACKGROUNDS! (Clue is in the name really isn't it?) These style of images are perfect for pretty much anything you want! Whether is be for private and personal use as a canvas or perhaps made into a mug or cushion? Or Business use, perhaps for stud cards, shop decor etc (additional costs apply for business copyright usage) The shoots are 30 minutes long and cost just £25 as an introductory offer with an additional 50% off prints, canvas' and merchandise purchased from these shoots! The package includes 5 high resolution, fully edited,

Why Professional Photos are Important for your Business

I have a few business photoshoots coming up soon which I'm super excited about, its great to work with like minded business minds and help their visions come to life in beautiful images. I thought it would therefore be a good idea to create a little blog post on why its a great idea, if you are a business big or small, to have professional photographs taken for your website, social media etc... Business competition is growing every day, equine and non equine! Images are sooooo important to make sure you stand out from the ground! Clear, high quality photographs are going to help generate sales, the more professional your images the more professional and trust worthy your business looks... Go

Behind the Magic...

Hello everyone, I know Im meant to be writing a piece on my lovely black background images but I thought it would be a good idea to give you all a little over view of my editing process once I get home from your shoot before I delve into that particular blog piece!!! So whilst at Writtle College last weekend, a lady came over, looked through my portfolio book and asked which phone app I use for my images :O it was meant as a compliment as she was telling me how much she loved my images of Teddy The Shetland, Alice Goring and The Little Frenchman, but as someone who puts lots of time and effort into editing my images I admit it did annoy me a little... I CAN ASSURE YOU ALL THAT I DO NOT USE P

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