Hello World

Hello world, this is meeee, life should beee, mmm mm yeah, fun for everyone Yeah ok I will stop now, ahhhh the saddle club days eh? Hi everyone, as we have loads of new followers on our Facebook page (Thank you soo much!!) I thought I would do a little blog to introduce myself to those of you who may not know much about the person, or should I say Team, behind EquusPhoto. But anyways.... My name is Emily Gailey and I'm a 20 year old (nearly 21 eeeek!) photographer/student/rider/multitasker from the the glorious village of Matfield in Kent. I am currently in my placement year from university where I study BSc (Hons) Equestrian Psychology and Sports Science, at the end of September I will be r

Rider update!

Helllooooooo, Just thought I would update you all about whats been going on and what my lovely sponsored riders are up to at the moment! Rose Carnegie: 8 or so weeks ago Rose decided it would be a good idea to fall off James and break her leg and her ankle (we won't mention that Maxi had already broken her finger a few days before...nope) which put her out of the saddle for a while but a few weeks ago she was back on Landi hacking around the beautiful Bidborough countryside with no stirrups, she has since been galloping, jumping and planning her next event (Yes, she's mental), the 2 mares who have been off having a break in a friends field are coming back this weekend and Rory and James will

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