10 reasons why you should get your kids involved with horses

Sorry mummys and daddy, I'm afraid a beaming 10 year old might stick this blog in your face today and demand a pony....I however genuinely think my life has been shaped beautifully by being around horses. First off, I didn't get a pony till I was 14 years old, however I've been around horses my whole life and spent most of my time not at school, at the yard doing various pony club activities/helping out. Im sure a few people reading this who know me well are probably going to say that I'm not a well rounded person at all and actually horses have only made me more demanding...well...shhh, go away ;) 1. If you have a pony you really don't have time for boyfriends, drinking etc etc ;) My long s

Ashleigh Hill Dressage

On Thursday evening my mum and I drove just 10 minutes down the road to have a catch up with Dressage rider Ashleigh Hill, Ashleigh is going to be my own horses foster mum whilst I finish up at University over winter (Good luck Ash 😏 ), my mum had never visited the yard or met Ashleigh before so it was a good opportunity for her to come and have a nosey and chat whilst I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Ashleigh newest bundle of joy, Dynamo, out of her own Taktiek STV (Jazz x Variant) and Diaggio (nice breeding or what?!). We arrived at the yard just at the right time, with the golden sun starting to set and come through the trees, a perfect setting really! Ashleigh is an up and c

Jo Davies Sports Psychology

On Thursday I had the privilege of heading over to LMEQ in Surrey to meet Jo Davies from Jo Davies Sports Psychology, to take some photos for her website...It's such a beautiful location with a stunning yard and phenomenal facilities so I'm a little jealous of all the liveries....Jo was the perfect model and I thoroughly enjoyed working with her. Jo works as a Sports Psychologist and works with all sorts of people in any sport you can think of, at any level, to help them achieve their goals. Something that is often forgotten, is that the mental aspect of sport is just as important as the physical part and Jo can help you enhance your general performance or build up your mental resilience to

What am I paying for?

I get it, there are billions of other 'Equine Photographers' out there, why should you pick me and why are my prices different to other 'Photographers'? So first off you may have noticed I have placed a few words there in inverted commas, this is because there is no qualification to being an equine photographer, no association that acts like an umbrella, and with the decreasing cost of entry level DSLR's anyone and everyone can claim to be an equine photographer. Technically anyone can take a good photo and I must admit the camera on my iPhone is pretty damn good! I am sure many of you have seen people advertising photoshoots for £5-15 on various Facebook groups, and perhaps seen their ad ne

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