Christmas Photoshoot OFFERS

I know, I know its far too early for the C word for a lot of you (thats christmas for those of you with a young mind!), however I can't resist sharing with you my christmas offers!! I have carefully selected these for all budgets so hopefully everyone can enjoy them. Each offer comes with a beautiful voucher in a gift box for that special someone so you don't even have to worry about wrapping and can be redeemed whenever you want, no expiry date!! Result or what?! Of course if you don't fancy any of these bundles you can still purchase your loved one a voucher for a normal photoshoot! Right lets get into it shall we... Bronze Package: 1hr photoshoot + your images avaliable to download at hig

10 Things you should know before dating a horse girl

So you want to date an equestrian eh? Personally I think we are all wonderful, however my boyfriend probably wishes someone had warned him that dating me is actually a full time job...which he doesn't get paid for. 1. You will be her official photographer. You will be required to stand at the A end of the arena come rain or shine, with a phone or camera, taking pictures and videos of the no.1 in her life, her horse 2. That reminds me, YOU WILL NEVER BE N0.1, I'm sorry I know that sounds harsh but its something I really think you should find out about now. Horses will probably always come first, my boyfriend really should be grateful that I only have one! (for now) NEVER EVER EVER MAKE HER DE

Helen Rennie - Rezone Coaching

So this is a very overdue blog post however I must tell you all about my shoots from the other week...I travelled just 10 minutes away to Honnington EC in Tunbridge Wells, where I met Helen Rennie from Rezone Coaching! Rezone Coaching is Helens Sports Psychology venture. Helen has recently moved down to Kent from Scotland due to personal reasons and as I'm sure we can all appreciate, its hugely daunting bringing your own business somewhere new and finding new clients, Helen booked in with me in order to get some images produced for her website, social media and advertisement campaigns to help her set up in this new area. Helen provides equestrian sports psychology sessions off the horse to t

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