Leaving my horse to go to Uni - AH Dressage

I thought this was an important blog post to write, every year I see fellow equestrians worrying about whether to take their horse(s) to University....and trust me, from the moment I bought Maxi it was a niggling worry about what I would do....and as time went by and we realised the 'true' Maxi it became even more of a worry. I'm not going to lie, its hard, it really is, but those of you who have heard about Maxi, and lets not lie, he does have a reputation, will know why I decided not to take him to University, but here is a little back story. So I purchased Maxi Hill as a fabulously bred modern Irish Sports Horse (TB X BWP) recently backed 4yr old (Grand Sire: Darco x Dam Sire: Rudimentary

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