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When you first step onto Lydia Duce's website, LD Equestrian, you think 'stylish' 'chic' 'luxury' 'quality', and yet Lydia has managed to combine all of this with a word you may not expect 'affordable'... LD Equestrian was launched in 2016 and quickly gained a name for itself in equestrian spheres. LD Equestrian aims to combine technical performance fabric with fashion forward designs, for the modern equestrian. You might start thinking 'WHERES THE CATCH' but trust me, I've looked, and there just doesn't seem to be one! We have all seen it, stunning designs, but bizarre sizing or fabric that just isn't made for life with horses, and of course the astronomical prices as soon as you add the wo

10 reasons horses are better than boys

1. Your horse likes the 3k saddle you bought...maybe 2. Your horse only ever cheat on you for the stunning mare next door or for food...both of which are reasonable. 3. Your horse never tells you you're spending too much time at the yard 4. Your horse is always grateful for dinner 5. Your horse wants you to buy another horse (because it hopes that means it has to put less effort in) 6. Your horse doesn't drag you to boring 'dates' and nights out. 7. Your horse loves spending all weekend out competing 8. You can sell your horse pretty easily if you decide you don't like it anymore 9. Better Kisses 10. Your horse smells better and probably a million more reasons!!! Buy a horse Emily xx

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