5 Things to do before booking an Equine Photographer

Hi everyone, hope you are all keeping warm....I know its not the ideal time to be thinking of a photoshoot, but maybe you are sat in front on a nice fire right now wrapped in a blanket dreaming of the summer sun!! I thought I would put together a quick little blog post about what to do before booking a photographer, whether thats me or someone else! These are just some little points that you may not have thought about that can make the whole experience run a bit smoother. 1. Check they are insured! Whilst its unlikely something will go wrong, you would kick yourself if something did and the situation got messy due to a lack of insurance! I unfortunately know of a fair few roaming around the

New Year, New Adventures

Hi everyone, Whilst I'm sat up in Nottingham at Uni, trying to force myself to finish my dissertation...I thought I would take you over some of the exciting new plans I have for 2018! I am so excited for this coming year, meeting all my wonderful clients and seeing the bond they have with their horses is my true passion. In order to do more of what I love, I have some new 'Adventures' coming up... The Women in Business and Sport Project: I have a wonderful project in the pipelines for this spring. A blog series all about some amazingly inspirational women who are at the top of their game in both Equestrian Sport AND Business. I got the idea when I was scrolling through Instagram and saw some

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