Do's and Dont's of Sponsorship - UPDATED

You may remember that I did a post like this a few years was SO well received that I thought I would write an updated version, to include some of the things I have learnt since the last blog was published! Equestrian sport is expensive, it just is, no matter what way you do it, so it's not surprising that more and more riders, both amateur and professional, are looking for sponsorship. Here are some tips, as well as Do's and Dont's. DO's Choose a company who fits with your values. Put your sponsor's goals at the heart of your initial application Know what the company actually does - this might seem obvious but I have had so many emails that don't seem to have a clue! Mention product

The importance of good images for your business

Professional Business Photography....The most daunting 3 words for any business...right? The truth is, that every single business, no matter how big or small, no matter who your customers are or what you are selling, in whatever industry, can greatly benefit from professional photography! High quality images are an asset that will contribute to your overall success, whatever that may be. The cost of a professional photogrpaher may promt you to wonder whether professional photos are really necessary. Firstly, I pride myself on having a package for EVERYONE, no matter your budget, and secondly YES, I mean it's not do or die, but I would say its very important!​ I want you to go to go to any we

EquusPhoto Q&A

I'm awful, I know, I'm so good at organising other peoples blogs and social media, but apparently awful at my own...think it must be to do with hating to shout about myself!? Anyways! I asked my followers on Social Media to send me any questions they had about Photography, photoshoots, be honest, literally anything! So lets get straight into answering some of those questions: How to get the best out of a 'non professional' camera? Technology has come so far that you can pick up a very reasonably priced camera and still be able to achieve stunning images! The most important thing, with any camera is learning what settings youve got. Generally a cheaper camera will actually be a l

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