So thats 2016...

So…that’s 2016 then…

Im not really sure where to begin but we might as well start with you, I want to say a huge thank you to all of YOU! All of you who have booked shoots, bought vouchers, said hello at events, liked my page etc!! I really couldn’t do any of this without you and im so grateful for all the support I have gained this year. I have loved meeting so many of you all this year and hearing you and your horses stories, I cannot wait to broaden my portfolio in 2017, but first lets have a recap of the year...

2016 has once again been a bizarre year for me in terms of photography as I spent half the year at University in Nottingham finishing my 2nd year of university, so we are going to ignore that part of the year and pretend 2016 started in May, when I got home…

In May 2016 I welcomed my EquusPhoto mascot Maxi into the family! A 16’1 4yr old ISH, despite having far more lows than highs this year he is my pride and joy despite now being a very naughty 17’1 5yr old. Despite his show jumper (Darco) breeding he is a serious dressage prospect, I'm hoping I can keep on the right side of him for long enough to produce him up the levels in this sphere, he does however know he is huge!...

Buying Maxi meant I met Rose Carnegie who is now the 3rd of my sponsored riders! I ended up spending the 2016 event season grooming for Rose, it was so much fun getting to know her and her horses better, there were lots of fun and funny moments throughout the season and working with such kind and talented horses was such a privillage! A fab season ended with accompanying Rose, her mum, Landi and Rory to Haras Du Pin in France where Master Rory came 6th in his first CIC*** WHAT A STAR! It was such a good week despite the temperamental weather and a few ferry issues and truly a trip of a life time for me. Working with Rose meant I didn’t get as many varied photos through the season as 2015 and I probably have enough of Rose to post 2 a day through 2017 but i can't complain as her horses are stunning!

I continued to support Sasha Erander and Claire Drey Brown this year (and of course added Rose to the team), Claire and Phoeb competed up to Intermediate level and also represented the South East U18 Squad at the Festival of Youth CCIJ* Championships at Weston Park, being in the Top 5 after Dressage, however they unfortunately suffered a fall XC that Claire was lucky to walk away from! Phoeb has now been ‘retired’ from eventing and has moved over to the world of dressage where he is being incredibly successful up to Medium level, he has taken to dressage like a duck to water and I can't wait to see him progress further up the levels, and I know Claire can't either! Sandy is the newest addition to the team, he is a 6yr old from the DHI stud that Claire has high hopes for! He began his eventing career this year at Munstead in the BE90, achieving a double clear!

Sasha’s beautiful chestnut mare Ruby also ‘retired’ from evening and took up showjumping where she is also achieving phenominal results at the high levels!! This horse is incredibly exciting in the world of showjumping and I cant wait to see how far she can go! Sasha also bought, produced and sold the lovely Sky, Maxis cousin, who is now a competitive dressage horse.

Rose has had a very successful season bringing Landi back up to top level after a bit of a break and introducing Rory to the higher levels, they will both hopefully be competing at Adv, 3* and 4* in 2017! She is also working hard to produce all her youngsters, all of which will be exciting prospects for the future.

I am super proud of all the riders this year and I cant wait to see what 2017 brings! Hopefully lots of prize money and rosettes for them all ;) I am so lucky to be able to work with such talented, genuine riders, I like to think I have a really good relationship with my riders which includes eating Ben and Jerrys, and partying together! Im lucky to be able to call all 3 of them good friends. Having sponsored riders not only widens the advertisement of the company but it means I can experience all phases of equestrianism on the inside and means I have 3 people I can chat to about the highs and lows of horses and the business. Having them support me is invaluable.

My back pain has unfortunately held me back this year and we are still no closer to figuring out whats wrong as all my scans have come back clear (can't decide whether I'm happy or sad about that) Probably something to do with falling off 17hh horses a lot ;) Hopefully next year it will improve with continued help from Rose who is also my AMAZING osteopath!

I also gained a speedier car this year which means I will now be early for everyones shoots as I'm still getting used to not driving something that takes an hour to get from 0-60mph...

In 2017 I hope to expand the business even more and photograph all over the country instead of just Kent, Sussex and Surrey! This is an exciting time for me and I can't wait to see what happens next year. I can't wait to meet new, interesting people and horses. I don't tend to start new years with too many aims, I like to see what opportunities come my way and see everything that comes about as a huge bonus to the company and my photography career.

I return to university for my 3rd and final year of university in October and I will be busy trying to finish my dissertation on Rotational Falls in Eventing, and generally trying to learn some stuff!! I will hopefully be finished and home in late may but you may have to excuse me for being quiet in the October 2017-May 2018 period! We wont worry about that for now though as its fairly far in the future!!

I am just as unsure as where to end as I was for the beginning, half of the middle probably doesn't make sense but there again much of 2016 didn't either, so I once again just want to say a massive THANK YOU, Merry Christmas and a Fabulous new year!

Love, Emily & Maxi


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