Long time no blog...

Sorry everyone, long time no blog!

Teamequusphoto is completely falling apart haha, poor Sasha injured herself Skiing over winter and is still waiting for her ACL Surgery, whilst Rose broke her leg schooling James over some XC fences at Tweseldown! This means Master Rory and Brother James have both gone of to another rider till Rose is all healed and the babies are having a holiday with a friend, the yard is very quiet without them all but Landi and Maxi are enjoying their romantic time together!

Claire Drey Brown however has been on top form with Pheobus and Sandy, Phoebe qualified for BD Regionals at Novice and Elementary, which unfortunately didn't go very well for them but I'm so proud of them for getting that far considering they have only recently joined the world of dressage, they are also headed to the BYRDS U25 Champs at Medium Level later on this year, not bad for an event horse :D

I have had some wonderful shoots already this year, 2 with the lovely Alice Goring, the fabulous Finley and Teddy the Shetland, both super duper fun, far too much laughing and I just can't get enough Teddy cuddles <3 Hopefully we can do another soon and I wish her the best of luck competing her superstar horse this season. Go team Goring!!

I also got to go and shoot Rosie Woods' lovely event horses, one of which is unfortunately for sale, I really hope I managed to create some beautiful images of Dylan that Rosie can treasure once he's in his new home :( Neither of the horses really wanted to play ball but it was a perfect example of me telling the truth when I promise my clients that it doesn't matter how their horses behave, I will always manage to get them some lovely images! Clients just need to take a deep breath and stay calm and maybe even laugh at their horses like Rosie, don't panic, just smile and I promise it will be fine! When you relax your horses will start to relax. I wish Dylan the best of luck wherever he ends up and the best of luck to the new partnership of Rosie and Dylan.

I shot my first clinic in February, a Diamonds in The Rough Dressage Clinic over near rochester, whist it was a long day, I thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt so much from watching Nic Turner teaching all the wonderful riders. I hope everyone liked there images despite a disastrous evening that meant images were delayed!!!! The M25 unfortunately isn't my friend...

A few weeks ago I was approached by Daisy from www.poniesandpizzas.wordpress.com to help write an article about starting a photography business, if anyone would like a read, it has some great tips in it!

Last week I also had the privilege of heading over to Cambridge to photograph Maddi Burchell Dressage and her stunning GP horse Dali, Such a talented horse and rider, Dali was such a poser and was a complete natural in front of the camera, he absolutely knows how gorgeous he is... I can't wait for Maxi and I to have a lesson with Maddi this week and hopefully she can get Maxi going even 1% as well as Dali was going!

On the 25th of March I'm heading over to Essex to the Writtle Collage Willberry Wonder Pony Charity Show, where I am sponsoring the 70cm Show Jumping and where I will also be having a stand. I have a fabulous winners hamper with lots of goodies including a stunning Willberry themed Leadrope from www.handwovenbrowbands.co.uk , we have lots more amazing items to add so I can't wait to present it to the winner of the class.

I can't wait for summer to arrive as its alway such a busy time of year for me, and whilst I always remind people how stunning winter shoots are its just true that everyone longs for a pretty summer shoot in stubble fields, sun drenched and your horse with a lovely summer coat! I can't wait for these shoots, and I can't wait to not have to check the weather 1000 times on the day of a photoshoot for the fear of rain... Summer is certainly coming, we have had at least 2 days of sun this week in Kent and its very exciting! Maxi and I enjoyed a lovely canter in the sun the other day and it felt amazing to be wearing a t shit to ride again :D If you are interested in booking a summer photoshoot please do get in contact with me as I do book in fast!

Thanks for joining me on my blog for a quick catch up!

Emily x

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