"Shall we reschedule its cloudy..."

When I go through my diary with clients trying to find a date that suits us both, the thing I hear most often is "Oh its meant to be a bit cloudy, shall we reschedule?" and my answer is, unless you really want to reschedule, then no, cloud is great news for me!! People always want an early August, mid day shoot, which is great but slots fill up fast and I am here to tell you why its not necessarily the best time for a shoot anyways! Im here to tell you I LOVE CLOUD!

Im not talking torrential rain and black clouds, like my shoot with Claire at Brightling 1* 2015...(I managed to snap this through the rain in a flash of blue sky, then the editing magic happened to make the tiny bit of blue colour I had captured, really come out), I'm talking a bit of light cloud so the sun isn't harshly creating weird shadows on your skin and a little bit of cloud so you aren't being blinded by sun (squinting isn't the prettiest)!

Cloud can look beautiful in the back of dramatic pictures but a slightly grey sky also means the client can be the focus without a huge ball of brightness in the back... If it is sunny on the day of your shoot, and in the UK I 100% appreciate how much we all want a tiny bit of sun, I will probably try and find a bit of shade or carefully position you so its not bleaching you out, a prime example of when this is worst is mid day when the sun is right above you, this is why I try to keep lunch time free (and also because food is very very important to me and I take lunch very seriously!)

Don't get me wrong sun is absolutely fab, and can cast such beautiful colours, I absolutely love shoots in the spring/summer sun, horses coats are gleaming, we aren't all wrapped up in 50 layers and ugly coats, grass is green, stubble fields and corn is golden and it just makes my clients glow and smile!

Fear not I have little tips and tricks I have picked up over the years and so I can shoot in any light, weather condition and environment that comes up, I don't use artificial lighting, partly because its fun to see what kind of affects you can create in natural lighting, it means every shoot comes out beautifully individual, just like my clients and their horses.

So don't worry about the weather on the day of the shoot I promise you I will be able to make it work, but maybe consider a mid morning shoot or spring/early summer shoot so we can add in a bit of cloud! I currently have a range of discounted photoshoot packages pinned to the top of my Facebook page so why not check them out and get booked in!

Emily x

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