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Hello everyone, I know Im meant to be writing a piece on my lovely black background images but I thought it would be a good idea to give you all a little over view of my editing process once I get home from your shoot before I delve into that particular blog piece!!!

So whilst at Writtle College last weekend, a lady came over, looked through my portfolio book and asked which phone app I use for my images :O it was meant as a compliment as she was telling me how much she loved my images of Teddy The Shetland, Alice Goring and The Little Frenchman, but as someone who puts lots of time and effort into editing my images I admit it did annoy me a little...


I take all my photos through my cameras Canon RAW settings and then take them into photoshop CS6 for some editing magic! Whilst it would be amazing to say all my images come out perfectly, its just not true, they often need their colouring altered (especially when in RAW and not JPEG), a little bit of cropping and occasionally some distracting background removed.

Shooting in RAW and using a high end editor such as Photoshop also means I can be very flexible with images as some clients have very specific ideas of how they want their images to turn out, whilst of course I always keep my own personal style in my images I do also work with the clients specification. All photographers use editing software and mostly flip between Photoshop and Lightroom, its just personal preference as to what you prefer and what you actually know how to use...

I will admit I did use to stick to the JPEG safety blanket but I like to have as much control over my images as possible and RAW gives a lot more flexibility in post shoot editing. I don’t need to worry about colour balance etc as it is all completely adjustable when editing. If I have accidentally over or unexposed slightly then the image can be recovered without becoming grainy.

Photoshop allows me to the flexibility to either make small changes to an image or make huge changes, for example, I can use the painting tool to touch up any light flickers in my natural black background images (like Rosie and Dylan's) or to completely remove the background and add in shadows and Lens Flair wherever I want on images that were not originally designed to be dramatic images such as this one of Maddi and Dali. Pretty much anything is possible in photoshop and its something you can never achieve in a phone app especially a Free one!!!

An editing session can take around 3 hours, yes 3 hours! Where I meticulously choose the most beautiful images out of around 400 images, carefully looking at the smallest details to make sure you and your horse look happy and to make sure I have captured that special bond!

I put a lot of time and effort into editing my images and try to work hard with my clients to achieve the finished pieces they want. I never delete my images so you are welcome to message me at any stage and ask for a change to be made if need be etc.

I love seeing the images transform and whist my eyes have usually given up trying to focus after 3 hours of staring at relatively similar images and my fingers have died from trying to make tiny brush strokes on an image to hide a telegraph pole, I can't help but love my job!



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