Why Professional Photos are Important for your Business

I have a few business photoshoots coming up soon which I'm super excited about, its great to work with like minded business minds and help their visions come to life in beautiful images. I thought it would therefore be a good idea to create a little blog post on why its a great idea, if you are a business big or small, to have professional photographs taken for your website, social media etc...

Business competition is growing every day, equine and non equine! Images are sooooo important to make sure you stand out from the ground!

Clear, high quality photographs are going to help generate sales, the more professional your images the more professional and trust worthy your business looks...

Good images help develop your brand and make your brand identifiable, If potential clients can see you as a person on a clear well presented 'about me ' page they will feel more happy to trust you, your services and most importantly your customer service!

Eye catching images will help stop potential clients scrolling past your posts on social media - You want your website and social media to attract attention...but only for the right reasons!! First impressions are everything and you want that impression to be a positive lasting one that makes the client stop and be interested! You want them to click on the link or add to cart button and to progress through your site instead of landing on the front page and clicking 'exit tab'.

Good images also make it clear to clients what is is you are actually selling, whether that be a product or your services.We all know from our own personal shopping experiences that clear images help to make us buy buy buy! If we can clearly see what the product is we are more likely to want

it! I really don't want to be parting with even £10 if I'm not 100% sure what I'm getting for my money...

Make sure you are attracting the right market with your images, if you are selling a high end product you want your images to reflect this and ooze quality. Also if you are selling an equine based product, its fairly important to have horses on your website!! No one wants to buy some face cream and then when it arrives finds out its for horse mane regrowth!

Whilst you want to make sure your clients know what they are buying, you also want some images that make them want to know more! This is once again about getting them off the home page and onto a page where they might spend some £££

Professional images don't have to be expensive, I like to offer my clients the ability to create their own photography packages meaning they can tailor what they receive to the budget they have and I will always endeavour to help out in this area wherever I can. Prices for business photography start at £90!

Emily xx

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