Do's & Don't's of Sponsorship

Hi guys, as someone who gets messages about sponsorship on a regular, if not daily, basis I thought I would put my thoughts down in a little blog post. So here we go, the Do's and Don't's of applying to be, or being, a sponsored rider.

DO know what the company actually do, emailing a photographer asking for free products to trial on your horse isn't going to go well

And to follow on from that DO NOT just ask for free things! Sponsorship is a two way street its not just a company giving you free things and that being the end of it.

DO NOT send a generic email/message to EVERYONE, I promise you companies can tell, it makes it seem like you don't care about the company, DO mention products of theirs you already use and love.

DO contact companies of products you already use, companies will be drawn to people who are already customers before there is anything in it for them.

DO NOT post on a Facebook group "anyone looking for a sponsored rider? I will accept anything and will promote you well" - do I even need to explain that one? Its something I see far too often, and whilst I don't know for sure, Im guessing no companies message them offering sponsorship, I certainly wouldn't.

DO NOT get someone else to email/contact a company for you, put some effort in!

DO have active social media, companies want a rider who can promote their products/services to the masses! Being social media savvy is far more important than being a 'famous' 'top' rider. I sponsor riders at a variety of levels to achieve full exposure for my company.

DO work hard for your sponsors, as I said its a two way street and you generally get what you put in, I would be more willing to give my riders more 'stuff' if they were being super active at promoting me, I have previously dropped sponsored riders due to their lack of effort and support.

DO NOT get upset and rude when companies say 'thanks but no thanks', not every company will want you as a sponsored rider, companies need to find the rider that suits them and you just need to accept that might not be you. Their are plenty more fish in the sea.

DO NOT double up on your sponsors, if you are, for example, sponsored by Blue Chip horse feed, don't think seek sponsorship from Baileys horse feed etc. Its rude and will loose you sponsors.

DO be polite, kindness and politeness costs nothing but is worth everything

Obviously there are plenty more but these are just a few things that come to mind on a regular basis.

Hope this helps some people

Emily xx

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