Rider update!


Just thought I would update you all about whats been going on and what my lovely sponsored riders are up to at the moment!

Rose Carnegie:

8 or so weeks ago Rose decided it would be a good idea to fall off James and break her leg and her ankle (we won't mention that Maxi had already broken her finger a few days before...nope) which put her out of the saddle for a while but a few weeks ago she was back on Landi hacking around the beautiful Bidborough countryside with no stirrups, she has since been galloping, jumping and planning her next event (Yes, she's mental), the 2 mares who have been off having a break in a friends field are coming back this weekend and Rory and James will hopefully be back from Aoife Clark's fairly soon too.

Rose, her mum and I sat on the m4 for 3 hours yesterday to watch day 1 of the dressage at Badminton Horse Trials, slightly bitter sweet for Rose obviously as she was hoping to be competing there this year but we had a great day full of shopping, clapping at dressage, bundling all 3 of us onto a mobility scooter to fly round the XC course and to generally have good look at the new course designers way of building ready for next year where hopefully she will have 2 horses competing! LITERALLY HAVE EVERYTHING CROSSED!!!! I will probably cry when I see the EquusPhoto logo flying round...I'm hoping to get Media Accreditation next year (I mayyyyy have completely forgotten this year!) so I can get a tonne of photos of Rose.

Claire Drey Brown:

Sandy, Claires youngster, completed his first BE100 last weekend at Chilham Castle, super duper double clear even with a jump still knocked down in the SJ from another rider causing an interesting ground line for young Sandles, however he's a complete pro at this eventing lark now and flew round, not even noticing! Slow XC due to hard ground but I think he's ready for Novice now Claire ;)

Poor Phoeb is off games currently but fingers crossed we will see him out feeling 100% soon...

I had great fun at Chilham as not only did I have Claire to cheer on and hold ponies for, but I was also photographing for The Bit UK magazine! I really hope everyone liked the photos!

Sasha Erander:

She stole my whip like 2 weeks ago and still hasn't given it back...;)

Her knee is slowly healing and I think she's planning on trying to live life without surgery. She and Ruby been jumping some great rounds recently BSJA and there are certainly some exciting things to come from this mare :D

Very quick update from me so I will be sure to write another blog post in a few days!

Emily x

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