Hello World

Hello world, this is meeee, life should beee, mmm mm yeah, fun for everyone

Yeah ok I will stop now, ahhhh the saddle club days eh?

Hi everyone, as we have loads of new followers on our Facebook page (Thank you soo much!!) I thought I would do a little blog to introduce myself to those of you who may not know much about the person, or should I say Team, behind EquusPhoto.

But anyways....

My name is Emily Gailey and I'm a 20 year old (nearly 21 eeeek!) photographer/student/rider/multitasker from the the glorious village of Matfield in Kent. I am currently in my placement year from university where I study BSc (Hons) Equestrian Psychology and Sports Science, at the end of September I will be returning to Nottingham to finish my final year at uni, where I will be attempting to write my dissertation on Rotational Falls within Eventing (if you want to help let me know haha I'm going to need as much help as I can get!)


  • Sleep

  • Tea

  • Any unhealthy food

  • Dogs

  • My phone

  • Early nights


  • Beans

  • Peas

  • Loud chewers

  • Loud breathers

  • people who insist on constantly having the car windows open (aka my boyfriend)

  • Running

I have been engrossed in the world of horses all my life, my dad always reminds me how my face just lit up when I first sat on a horse and he then probably thought "shit, this is going to be expensive", but he really should have realised a lot earlier that I was going to get into horses considering my mum has also ridden all her life!

I didn't get my own horse till I was around 14 when my parents decided that a 13 yr old kicking and screaming wasn't a good look for social situations so they decided to give up so I would shut up :D YAY! So we got a beautiful Welsh D Chestnut Flaxen mare named Mali who was not at all a childs pony and was too strong for me but I adored her and we got lots of rosettes and had so much fun together before I outgrew her!

I then worked for various riders and had a few loan horses including Oscar (Liver Chesnut) a show jumper and a little Chestnut Ex Racer named Ness. I then decided it was finally time to make the huge leap and buy a youngster so I could have a go at producing something myself...

I bought a stunning 4yr old Irish Sports Horse gelding called Maxi Hill (Maxi) by Tabasco Van Erpekom (Darco) X Miss Sandyhill (Rudimentary USA), I bought him as a newly broken 4yr old from Rose Carnegie Eventing (he is now 6) but unfortunately it soon became clear that despite his breeding jumping just isn't his thing (We can't even really cope with single walk poles on the floor!) and therefore I'm hoping I can tame his crazy little brain for some serious dressage, he has the ability he's just not 100% sure he wants to use it haha! He has recently been described by a GP dressage rider as having 0 ride ability....good huh!?

In the first year of having him he chucked me off rather a lot but we seem to get along with one another one now and I absolutely adore him despite his quirky little ways! I think actually he will stay forever because I'm not sure anyone would buy him...

So talking about the horse, lets introduce you to the other VERY important members of team EquusPhoto...

Marmalade (Ginge, Pinge, Iggle Pickle, Hefalump, Piglet, Thor, Brave Sir Robin) The Cat:

Chief fluff ball, cheerer upper, business manager, distractor, chair stealer

I have had the fortune of knowing this bundle of joy since he popped out of his evil mother with his evil brother Loki!

He is very committed to his role within EquusPhoto as can be seen in this photo...

Loki (Locust, Lord Darkness) The Cat:

Chief food stealer, annoyer, attention seeking twat cat.

As above I have known this animal since he popped out of his mother, he either doesn't want to know you or demands your full attention, he likes murdering animals and bringing them to you...


My dad has been amazing, he is a great supporter of the company and likes to horrifically embarrass me by bringing up how proud of me he is at family gatherings and in fact to anyone he meets...

He is always around for advice and has recently been my legal team!

Maxi knows him as chief carrot bringer


My mum is great and whilst she knows little about cameras, she is great with horses. Well actually Maxi isn't too fond of her, he used to scream "STRANGER DANGER" any time she tried to handle him and injured her pretty badly when she tried to ride him once...however he is beginning to realise she's not going away and is a little more tolerant now a days and likes to spit water at her instead, we think he dislikes her because she didn't come to his viewing and he holds a grudge....

Last but not least, my 3 favourite people ever, my sponsored riders!!!

I have known Claire for a few years now after we got chatting on Instagram in 2014 I think (WHAT?!) and she was my first sponsored rider, so she has been around from the very start and has helped the company to blossom! I adore her and her family to pieces and they always make me feel so welcome.

Sasha joined the team.....err......who knows....but she has become a great friend too, she is great fun and I have loved watching her journey to the dark side of BSJA haha!

I met Rose through buying Maxi, she is literally the person who keeps me alive as she used to be my crash test dummy when Maxi seemed a bit too fresh, she got on him after about 6 weeks off bless her, and she is also Maxi and I's Osteopath, she is amazing as keeping us in tip top condition as I really suffer with back and shoulder pain and Maxi likes to chuck himself around in the field a lot so regularly needs a massage haha! She officially joined the team from a chat over some ginger beer in France at Haras Du Pin last year and I can't wait to see her flying the EquusPhoto flag this season now she is back on her feet (literally) after her broken leg.

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