What am I paying for?

I get it, there are billions of other 'Equine Photographers' out there, why should you pick me and why are my prices different to other 'Photographers'?

So first off you may have noticed I have placed a few words there in inverted commas, this is because there is no qualification to being an equine photographer, no association that acts like an umbrella, and with the decreasing cost of entry level DSLR's anyone and everyone can claim to be an equine photographer. Technically anyone can take a good photo and I must admit the camera on my iPhone is pretty damn good!

I am sure many of you have seen people advertising photoshoots for £5-15 on various Facebook groups, and perhaps seen their ad next to mine, you've probably wondered why you would go for EquusPhoto at double the cost?

Firstly, I hope, oh gosh do I hope, that looking at an EquusPhoto picture/shoot you can see the quality difference between me and lets say, Sandra from down the road who has just picked up an entry level Canon and sticks it on Auto hoping for the best. All my images are shot in RAW and in Manual mode, this means I can carefully pick my shutter speed, iso, lighting settings etc etc etc to ensure that I consistently get good images for you. Sandra will not be able to do this on auto and won't understand Manual without studying for a long time how to achieve the 'perfect' settings.

When you book me, you are booking my expertise for creating an image, you know that when you pay for an hours worth of photography you are going to get an hours worth of good images instead of 1 or 2 vaguely good ones. You will know from my previous Blog that I take hours perfecting my images on the latest and best editing software, not VSCO the phone app.... You book me because of my ability to get beautiful images of even the most uncooperative horses. On a photoshoot I am chief horse holder as you try and control your child/husband/other horse, bridle adjuster, client calmer....I don't arrive at your location and simply press a button. I hope anyone who has had a shoot with me will agree that I try and go above and beyond pre shoot, on the shoot and post shoot to ensure you are 110% happy.

So when I am told by people enquiring that lots of other people are cheaper than me, I politely smile and say I'm afraid thats just the way it is, I believe my prices reflect the personal touch I bring, and I long hours I put into the images.

My objective is to immortalise what your horses mean to you, the special moments no one else notices, the quiet moments where its just you and them and you feel you can conquer the world together, the moment when you couldn't imaging having to live life without them, I want to preserve the impact they have on your life, the friendship they provide.

So when you think about booking a shoot, think about whether its worth spending a little but not being at all happy with the results against spending a bit more and having some incredible memories to treasure forever. Life is short, years go by, horses grow old, some unexpectedly leave us, some expectedly, kids grow up, the horsey phase is over, life goes on and before you know it you have nothing to remember those precious years, the innocence of a girl and her pony, the beauty of your teenager and their horse before they discovered boys/girls and parties, nothing to remember the days where all they wanted to do was to go to the yard, whatever the weather.

These moment are priceless so I personally believe spending a little bit more on an experienced photographer is worth it to have the moments immortalised.

Every customer is treated as an individual, and I put my heart and soul into every photo, no batch editing, no downloaded presets, just a girl who still underneath it all gets excited about seeing a pony and who adores photography

I hope this helps you understand that the £45 you pay me isn't to just click a shutter button for an hour and then upload them straight to Facebook, its £45 for hours of dedication, love, thought and expertise.

Emily x

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