Jo Davies Sports Psychology

On Thursday I had the privilege of heading over to LMEQ in Surrey to meet Jo Davies from Jo Davies Sports Psychology, to take some photos for her website...It's such a beautiful location with a stunning yard and phenomenal facilities so I'm a little jealous of all the liveries....Jo was the perfect model and I thoroughly enjoyed working with her.

Jo works as a Sports Psychologist and works with all sorts of people in any sport you can think of, at any level, to help them achieve their goals. Something that is often forgotten, is that the mental aspect of sport is just as important as the physical part and Jo can help you enhance your general performance or build up your mental resilience to the hardships and pressure of sport. Sports Psychologists aren't just for these who are struggling with confidence, they are for sports people of all levels who may need help with goal setting, dealing with stress, post injury goals, or controlling emotions.

From the first moment I could see why she is so good at her job! She is just so calm, happy and lovely and I know that she would be the best person to go to if/when I require the assistance of a sport psychologist. I lost my confidence with my horse over winter to the point where he was for sale and I really wish I had thought to contact Jo, one of my worries was that I didn't want people to know I was failing but Jo's fabulous attitude and kind demeanour would have been perfect for me and after only a short amount of time with her I genuinely think she is an amazing person who everyone should know about.

Sports Psychology is actually an area we had a Module on in the first year of my degree so its something that really interests me and I like to be a little bit geeky about, and therefore I feel qualified to say that I think its something everyone could benefit from even if you don't realise it! Its not some clinical session with a doctor its a fun session with a friendly face all about the best way to excel, think about it as just another coach! If she's good enough for the likes of Simon Grieve, she's good enough for most of us ;)

Jo's sporting background lies with horses and she has ridden from a young age, on our shoot I got to meet her stunning 6 year old Minty (HAPPY BIRTHAY MINTY - yep it just so happened to be his birthday on the shoot!) who Jo hopes to event.

The other super important member of the photoshoot was her young Black Labrador Pepper who felt she needed to be centre of attention at all times during the shoot, making Minty rather jealous!

A pretty grey horse and a labrador, what more could you want in life!?

We had been very worried about the weather in the days running up to the shoot, June wasn't quite cooperating but thankfully no ones rain dances had worked and we managed to shoot in completely dry weather with a nice amount of cloud cover meaning I didn't have to worry about glare! To be honest the conditions were perfect, Its so much more relaxing for me when you don't have to worry about shooting into and away from the sun, and I think the weather made for some lovely photos.

Some of Kate Tarrent Eventing's (Who runs LMEQ) lovely staff members (and herself) helped us out with our images, so a huge thank you to all of them for being so accommodating! Due to everyones help and such an easy to work with model we managed to wrap up the shoot pretty quickly meaning I could get home and spend the afternoon editing meaning hopefully we will be able to see the images on Jo's site soon!

Unfortunately I've been having a few issues with my website these past few days so a HUGE thank you to Jo for being so patient with me! hopefully the images were worth the wait for you.

If you would like to learn more about Jo then you can find her on the following platforms. Emily x




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