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So this is a very overdue blog post however I must tell you all about my shoots from the other week...I travelled just 10 minutes away to Honnington EC in Tunbridge Wells, where I met Helen Rennie from Rezone Coaching! Rezone Coaching is Helens Sports Psychology venture.

Helen has recently moved down to Kent from Scotland due to personal reasons and as I'm sure we can all appreciate, its hugely daunting bringing your own business somewhere new and finding new clients, Helen booked in with me in order to get some images produced for her website, social media and advertisement campaigns to help her set up in this new area.

Helen provides equestrian sports psychology sessions off the horse to turn 'pressure into power', she will even work with you over the phone or through a skype session, meaning there is absolutely no excuse for not taking control over your mind and being the best version of you possible! I promise you Helen will make you feel liberated and in control again, with the equine world being SOOOOO experience you really do need to enjoy what you are doing, please don't suffer in silence and carry on throwing £50 notes at a horse you don't suddenly don't enjoy riding because you have lost your nerve.

You may think Sports Psychology is only for those competing at the top level of the sport and may think you have no reason to be feeling the nerves you do, however those niggling feelings that stop us performing at our best are part of everyday life no matter what level you compete at or ride at!

Something that is often forgotten, is that the mental aspect of sport is just as important as the physical part whether you are competing unaffiliated or 4*...Helen even specialises in Grassroots riders, So whether you get nerves or struggle to focus in the dressage arena, the showjumping ring or around the XC course, Helen can help you build confidence, focus and get better results. You can read a whole bunch of riders stories and reviews on her website.

So a bit more about Helen herself, she is a Master NLP Practitioner, the highest level of qualification for NLP. She was personally trained and licensed by the co-creator of NLP, Dr Richard Bandler and the Society of NLP and she is also a NLP Sports Master Practitioner, having trained with one of the UK’s top Mental Performance Coaches, Andy Barton. So you know you are in incredibly experienced hands when you book a session with her!!

Helen also has a Sports Psychology Diploma, Sports Hypnosis Diploma and a degree in Human Sciences from Oxford University.

Helen was so lovely when I met her, an aura of calm about her made me feel totally at ease, I can only imagine how comforting her demeanour must be in a 1 to 1 session! She had a good idea of what she wanted her image to reflect and not reflect which makes my job a whole lot easier, and having visited Honnington a few times before I knew some beautiful areas for photos! We are spoilt at Honnington with acres and acres of fields, woods and even a lake!

Her horse Yogi, a huge 17.1 Hunter was just stunning and adored the attention, he took part in a few posing standing shots before I watched and photographed him and Helen having a jumping lesson where Helen managed to take her own advice and jump higher than she had before!! Im so glad I was there to capture those memories for her. What I think is great about Helen is that she knows what she is talking about, not just through her diplomas and degree but through personal, real life experience, she struggles with nerves just like everyone else which give her a lovely amount of empathy for her clients, instead of sitting there reciting a text book!

I would also like to say a huge thank you to my sponsored rider Claire Drey Brown for popping down to pose for a few photos with Helen. We ended up breaking the shoot up into 2 sessions as believe it or not, it was far too sunny (I'm sorry) on our first meeting, so we set up a quick 40minute session for the week after to firstly go through the images we already had and secondly to retake any where the sun had made it difficult the week before.

If you are interested in learning more about sports psychology and how you can help yourself, Helen also has a published book called 'Transform Pressure To Power', which is about 8 mindset strategies to achieve Eventing success. It’s been featured in Horse & Hound online, Your Horse magazine and was named Book of the Month by Horse magazine.

If you would like to learn more about Helen you can find her through her website or Facebook

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