10 Things you should know before dating a horse girl

So you want to date an equestrian eh? Personally I think we are all wonderful, however my boyfriend probably wishes someone had warned him that dating me is actually a full time job...which he doesn't get paid for.

1. You will be her official photographer. You will be required to stand at the A end of the arena come rain or shine, with a phone or camera, taking pictures and videos of the no.1 in her life, her horse

2. That reminds me, YOU WILL NEVER BE N0.1, I'm sorry I know that sounds harsh but its something I really think you should find out about now. Horses will probably always come first, my boyfriend really should be grateful that I only have one! (for now) NEVER EVER EVER MAKE HER DECIDE BETWEEN YOU AND THE HORSE!!!!!!!! It won't end well

3. There will be more pictures of the horses around the house than you...it was only yesterday that I got upset because Ed wanted to move my favourite photo of Maxi from its prime position on the centre wall, to the corner over the kitchen table, in exchange for a piece of art! DESPICABLE!

4. You are going to need to get used to the smell of horses (horse poo) FAST. Think disgusting muck boots covered in mud and poo and shaving being trampled into the house, as well as riding boots, muddy jackets and breeches ruining the washing machine, horse rugs and saddle pads littering the house, that she promises she is going to take back to the yard soon...It doesn't matter whether you put them in the cupboard, or in a different room, I promise you, you'll still smell them, AND you will have to listen to your girl talk about how much she adores that smell!

5. Weekends are not mini break time, down time or couple time, they are horse time and more specifically horse show time, a wonderful event what will take up the whole day and probably end in tears, everyones tears.

6. Its pretty much horse time 24/7...

7. Dont question the amount of money she spends on horses, its not her fault that as soon as the word Equestrian is in front of something it makes it 100x more expensive

8. The carrots in the fridge aren't for a nice meal she's going to cook you, they are for her pride and joy (refer back to point 2)

9. When she says she's just going to ride for 10 mins, or she's just going to the yard to turn out, its a lie, she is going to be hours, think of the yard as some sort of crazy time portal.

10. RIP car, if you share your car with her, or you take trips in her car, I seriously do apologise.....

So off you go into the world, well equipped with some new knowledge, and go get that girl!!!

Emily xx

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