10 reasons you SHOULD date an equestrian

Following on from the success of my post "10 things you should know before dating a horse girl", I would now like to back track and make us sound a little less crazy....possibly....

1. We are pretty easy to please, tell us our dressage test should have been worth 80% instead of 52%, and we will be putty in your hands.

2. You'll enjoy a fair amount of freedom, we would actually rather you disappeared for a few days because it means we can spend your money and go out eventing or to adult pony camp. "Bye baby don't rush home!!"

3. Planning dates is easy, take us to Badminton, Burghley, Olympia and HOYS please.

4. We don't waste money on materialistic things like getting our nails done and buying handbags....oh wait unless you call saddles and saddle pads materialistic....oh oops

5. You don't have to worry about other guys hitting on her, she will usually have a repulsive smell of ammonia about her, be in odd socks and have slobber down her top, you know she’s beautiful under all of that but I promise most other guys won’t.

6. Leather boots and tight breeches...

7. She will always have a long list of gift ideas ready to real off...pony, horse, saddle pads x10, bridle, new rug(s), lessons, the list goes on, and on, and on and on.

8. She won't be going out dancing to a sleezy nightclub in provocative clothes without you, she will be in bed exhausted and covered in bruises...or in A&E

9. Her parents will just be thrilled she finally found someone, they won't care who you are....they might want to know about how financially secure you are though, because they would really like to stop funding her horses for her.

10. She might go to the olympics and then you can say you went to the olympics with one of the athletes and thats pretty cool...pretty sure this isn't a valid reason to date one.

Sooooo maybe that will encourage you boys...possibly not.

Emily xx

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