LD Equestrian

When you first step onto Lydia Duce's website, LD Equestrian, you think 'stylish' 'chic' 'luxury' 'quality', and yet Lydia has managed to combine all of this with a word you may not expect 'affordable'...

LD Equestrian was launched in 2016 and quickly gained a name for itself in equestrian spheres. LD Equestrian aims to combine technical performance fabric with fashion forward designs, for the modern equestrian.

You might start thinking 'WHERES THE CATCH' but trust me, I've looked, and there just doesn't seem to be one! We have all seen it, stunning designs, but bizarre sizing or fabric that just isn't made for life with horses, and of course the astronomical prices as soon as you add the word 'equestrian' onto any product, but I promise you, this is different! Lydia is obsessed with every detail of the business, from stunning designs, hand stitching , wearable fabrics, eco friendly tags, and packaging just as beautiful as your item. Read more here.

Made by a rider...for a rider.

Lydia very kindly sent me one of her gorgeous 'Timeless' bracelets, mine is in Rose Gold but is also available in silver, or gold. The bracelet is engraved with Roman Numerals and also has little crystals around it in muted pink tones. A classically pretty piece. These are a beautiful little gift for anyone you love....or, why not just keep it for yourself. At only £15 its hard to think of a reason 'why not?'. You can buy your own here

I have to admit, for £15, whilst I thought it would be nice, I didn't think it would be as nice as it is! Its a dainty little bracelet, one of those you can forget your wearing. Im not a huge jewellery wearer, I just have a few pieces I wear now and then but this will certainly fit in well with my little collection. It doesn't scream 'LOOK AT ME', its not offensively large and/or chunky, however when people do notice it, you are certain to get compliments. It has a clever clip mechanism (that I must admit took me a little while to figure out) making it look like a seamless pull on bangle. The sizing is quite small, we nearly got it stuck on my boyfriends wrist, so I wouldn't recommend it for those of you with huge wrists, but it really is beautiful and looks much more expensive than it is! I think its one of those pieces that would suit anyone, with any style, you can dress it up or down and I think whatever situation, it will look just right.

Huge thanks to Holly for modelling for me (well Holly's wrist!!)

Disclaimer: I was kindly gifted this bracelet in exchange for a review, however I'm not obliged to tell you I love it, all views are my own.

Emily xx

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