5 Things to do before booking an Equine Photographer

Hi everyone, hope you are all keeping warm....I know its not the ideal time to be thinking of a photoshoot, but maybe you are sat in front on a nice fire right now wrapped in a blanket dreaming of the summer sun!!

I thought I would put together a quick little blog post about what to do before booking a photographer, whether thats me or someone else! These are just some little points that you may not have thought about that can make the whole experience run a bit smoother.

1. Check they are insured!

Whilst its unlikely something will go wrong, you would kick yourself if something did and the situation got messy due to a lack of insurance! I unfortunately know of a fair few roaming around the british countryside without any....(Note: I do have insurance!!! In fact I'm renewing it right now)

2. Think about what you want the images for...

Are you looking for a private photoshoot, keeping the photos for yourself? Or are you wanting a business photoshoot, so the images can be used for advertising/in magazines etc? Some photographers do both, some don't, but either way you need to know, so you know what type of shoot to book.

3. Sit down and have a think about what kind of images you want...

Even if you are flexible and want to take instruction from your photographer, its good to know what style you want. If you are wanting photoshoot, 9/10 you will probably have an idea in your head of how you want them to come out! Every photographer has a slight different style and many specialise in certain types of images, have a look through a few photographers portfolios, so its not a surprise at the end when they don't live up to what you wanted.

4. Chat to those you are interested in.

Its OK to not like someone, even if its just because you don't get the right vibe! You need to be comfortable with your photographer on the day so getting to know them through messages, on the phone, via FaceTime is a great way to make sure they are the right fit for you. Any of my clients are welcome to FaceTime me, or ring me for a chat, whether its about the logistics of the shoot or just trying to get to know me!

5. Read the small print!

Personally, I provide digital images with all my photoshoot packages, but many don't! It's not a bad thing at all, you just need to be aware of this before you book them, a shoot that fits in your budget can get expensive very quickly if you aren't aware of those extra costs. If its not clear by a photographers price list, just pop them a quick message for some clarification and ask about how much the digitals are, if they are not included.

Hope someone out there found this useful...

Emily xx

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