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March 15, 2019

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BETA Safety Week

April 28, 2018

You may have seen the phrase 'BETA Safety Week" floating round social media, and your email inboxes recently. The NEW inititive of 'BETA Safety Week' (Strangly enough, created by BETA) falls between 28 April-6 May 2018. Many BETA retail members are taking part in the week and will be promoting their professional fitting service to help you find the very best, and most suitable, safety garments (BETA, 2018). Some will also be running special offers and promotions, so keep your eyes peeled!


I thought, in aid of BETA Safety Week, I would write a little post on Safety Equiptment and all the little facts its good to know...





A key difference between an air jacket and a body protector is the protection provided. A body protector offers permanent, static protection, absorbing and spreading the forces involved. An AJ offers temporary, dynamic protection once the garment is inflated, slowing the impact. Research has shown that AJ’s are most suited to falls on flat, wider, load bearing surfaces but offer little protection from sharp or blunt smaller objects such as hooves (BETA, 2018). This is why, in Eventing, an Air Jacket must be worn with a Level 3 Body Protector, to protect the body as much as possible.


Whether you’re going training or you are just going out for a hack, you should consider wearing a body protector. Just because there isnt a rule stating you should wear one when riding at home, its certainlty not detrimental to get into that habit! Anecdotally, riders dont wear a body portector at home due to not liking the stiff feeling. Most body protectors are made from heat sensitive PVC nitrile foam, which is why they feel increasingly comfortable as they soften and mould to the wearer’s body. So try storing your protector in a warm (but not artificially hot) environment to ensure it’s nice and flexible when you put it on.


Whilst Body Protectors dont come with Shoulder Protectors as standard, they are a useful piece of kit to own. Research into falls onto the shoulder d