The importance of good images for your business

Professional Business Photography....The most daunting 3 words for any business...right? The truth is, that every single business, no matter how big or small, no matter who your customers are or what you are selling, in whatever industry, can greatly benefit from professional photography! High quality images are an asset that will contribute to your overall success, whatever that may be.

The cost of a professional photogrpaher may promt you to wonder whether professional photos are really necessary. Firstly, I pride myself on having a package for EVERYONE, no matter your budget, and secondly YES, I mean it's not do or die, but I would say its very important!​

I want you to go to go to any website right now or any facebook page and tell me the FIRST thing that captures your eye....I bet its a photograph (either of a product, or a service, or of something beautiful), am I right? Of course i'm right! Now think about whether you would buy a product from a brand if their images were blurry, grainy, weirdly coloured or just not attractive? Probably not....See Imagery is soooooo important, especially in an era where everyone shops online and can only use an image to decide whether something is worth purchasing. Humans are conditioned to make snap judgements, whether they mean to or not, and with 67% of the population being visual learners, pictures can be make or break to a new customer. When it comes to your brand you need to automatically display; professionalism, cleanliness, organisation, stunning products and helpfulness. This just isnt possible with words alone.

"But I offer a service, not a product, presumably I dont need photos?" In my mind its probably the complete opposite! Because you have no material items, engaing and clear photography is possibly even more important! You need to showcase what you do, in a way that is clear to your cutomer, you need to show your cutomer who you are, how you work and display a friendly face.

When photographing Jo (below; from Jo Davies Sport Psychology), it was all about showing potential customers a normal, friendly, horsey girl. She was one of my first commercial shoots but I still love the photos because they are full of smiles, fun and shows that Jo is a normal horse and dog crazy girl that you would be happy to chat to!

A picture is worth a thousand've probably heard this a million times before, you have probably rolled your eyes or ignored it a million times too. BUT ITS TRUE! Photos enable your cutomers and clients to see what you have to offer, its one thing telling them what you can give them, but there is another phrase i'm sure you have heard a million times before too...I will believe it when I see it! The internet has made this increasingly possible, and whilst back in the 'olden days' many of your competitors also didnt have nice images, now, in order to compete you need to have it all.

But I could just take photos myself? I mean, yeah, you could....but remember that your images represent your brand. Low quality, unprofessional images will tell your potential customers that you are of low quality and unprofessional as a business too. Make the right first impression.

What about Stock Photos? Photos elicit an emotional response, and whilst some stock photos are lovely, the whole point is that they are vauge and dont represent any particular business. Therefore they wont be able to elicit the emotional response you require. Most people will be able to spot a stock photo from a mile away, they have a very specific style and are often super unimaginative. When clients visit your social media or website, they want to learn about you and your brand, this is why only business specific photos will do.

SEO. That scary word you have probably heard before but have 0 clue what it means. Basically, its what helps your website get shown on google, the better your SEO, the higher up google you will be. Did you know that images can help you get found on search enginges? Well they can, and its those images that will keep customers on your website for longer.

Content is King. Many people seem to not realise that photos are content, and not only that, they are some of the best content! Good photos can make your website and social media posts WAY more engaging and can ultimatly build your brand. 65% of the population are visual learners, so whilst you might be typing something facinating and engaging, you need to represent that in an image too. Good quality photos can be used in promotional material, social media posts, websites, EVERYWHERE. So when you think of the expense of a photoshoot, try to remember the number of ways you can utilise those images and I can promise you the numbers then wont seem so scary.

Please do get in contact with me if you think you would like to invest in some professional photography. I am always happy to have a no obligation chat, and can provide you with a vaierty of quotes so you personalise your shoot and work within your budget.

Emily xx

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