"Help, I'm camera shy!"

Stepping in front of a camera can be super scary for so many. Whether it is fear of the unknown, personal insecurities or anxiety about being awkward, I have experienced every scenario and have even felt the same way stepping onto the other side of the lens. I can promise you that as soon as I start shooting all your worries will melt away. My photoshoots are super relaxed and fun, like catching up with a friend. I never request awkward poses, my style is very much candid moments.

Of course I do understand that for most, the photoshoot is mainly about your beautiful horses and ponies! Some may really just want portraits of their true love hung on the wall, without them in them and that's totally fine. I try to include a mixture of images in my sessions, so you are spoilt for choice when looking at your gallery. We will talk through your wants and needs in our consultation call so the shoot is tailed around you.

Want to be included but feel shy?

1. Wear something you feel good in! If you don't feel comfortable in a ballgown, because you normally only wear jeans, wear jeans! If you feel your best glammed up, go girl! If you wear what you feel comfortable in you won't feel self-conscious the whole photoshoot. I don't necessarily mean wear you joggers and a hoody, but something that you feel yourself in and don't have to worry about in front of the camera.

2. I would also recommend taking your horse on a walk round some of the areas you would like images before your shoot. This will mean when it comes to our session your horse will be relaxed and you will feel in control.

3. Bring a friend who can make you laugh and/or calm you down! Someone with horse experience who can hold whilst you adjust your outfit or who knows your horse well. It is a great help for me to have someone on hand who can help get the horses attention but it is also a lovely distraction for you so you don't feel like you have to focus on the camera

4. Remember that these images are for you. We are so stuck in this world where everything is shared online! These images are meant to represent the special relationship you have with your horse and are personal memories for you, they don't have to be what you think other people want to see.

Most people worry the most about smiling at the camera, but 95% of the time I will ask you to chat to your horse and look at them, as shown below! So don't panic! No awkward posing and fake smiles here!

Really don't want to be included and want to make the most of your session time?

If you really don't want to be in the images that is absolutely fine, we can easily get some beautiful, creative shots of your horse on their own.

1. Let me know in our consultation call that you would just like images of your horse. We can then discuss what facilities you have. If you have a barn or stable we can make sure we get lots of creative black background images. If you have beautiful fields we can discuss a liberty/lunging photoshoot where I put on my specialist photography head collar and lead rope that can be edited out in post production. This means we can have full control of your horse without you being in shot. Making your pride and joy look like a a majestic, wild horse (who has been pampered within an inch of its life!)

2. Pack some outfits! You may change your mind and it would be a shame if then feel you cant join in because you don't have anything appropriate to wear!

Have a look at some of the images below to see what we can do with just your horse...

Emily xx

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