Emily Gailey

Hi, and welcome to EquusPhoto! I'm Emily and I am so thrilled you have stumbled across my little business. Let's make some memories....

Emily Gailey

I am a Photographer, Graphic Designer and Content Creator based in the beautiful 'Garden of England', Kent! 

EquusPhoto has been running since 2015 and has very slowly mophed into what you see before you. I provide private and commercial photography as well as Graphic Design Services for equine and canine lovers and my fellow business owners. I am incredibly lucky to be able to do what I love as a job, I adore being able to meet clients and get a small insight into their lives and their stories.

My objective is to immortalise what your horses mean to you, the special moments no one else notices, the quiet moments where its just you and them and you feel you can conquer the world together; the moment when you couldn't imaging having to live life without them. I want to preserve the impact they have on your life, the friendship they provide. This is my first love.


My job has taken me all over the UK and I have met some pretty awesome people and ponies, including Scott Brash, Sophie Christiansen and everyone's favourite floofer Teddy the Shetland. I am an internationally published photographer and Hickstead's 2019 Assistant Press Photographer. You know what though? Whilst those areas of my job are amazing, my favourite part is meeting horse lovers just like myself, and hearing all about their journeys, seeing the bond they have with their horses and generally having a laugh.


Hopefully my love for my job comes across in the work I produce, I am so passionate about immortalising non scripted, precious memories for my clients. Having lost my heart horse Maxi in March 2020, I, more than most understand the importance of having photographs to look back on, my own ticket to moments that are now gone. I also know the joys of horse ownership and the feeling of just wanting images that truly convey your love for your 4 legged friend. After we lost Maxi I bought my little pocket dressage rocket El (pictured above), and I just can't have enough images of her adorable face!

I am entirely self taught, I began photography as a kid at the side of the show ring taking photos of friends when my pony decided she was to chuck me off and refuse to take part, hopefully, everyone who has known me from that young age can agree my photography has evolved considerably since then. I like to think that being self taught has really allowed me to develop my own style and way of working, hopefully giving my clients a warm, friendly, unique experience. 

I actually have a 1st class degree in BSc (Hons) Equestrian Psychology and Sports Science at Nottingham Trent University, with a dissertation on Rotational Falls and Risk Management in Eventing (feel free to ask about it but be prepared for a long conversation because its a subject I find fascinating!), and I really tried to develop my business in the final year at NTU. Whilst EquusPhoto began in 2015 I feel like only in the past 2 years it has developed into what I had always dreamed, and I am grateful to all of my clients for making that possible.

I look forward to chatting with you if you decide I am the photographer for you!

Loads of Love

Emily x

Emily Gailey

If you want...

  • Candid, non scripted memories

  • No Pressure

  • Giggles and fun

  • Stunning wall art

....and a friendly face

I might just be the photographer for you, lets chat...

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Emily Gailey

"Do something today your future self will thank you for"

On the left -Maxi, who we sadly lost in March 2020. Thank you to Ami Robertson for this beautiful image

Above and Right - Elsa